Smart Consumer Section

Duct Masters already promises consumers a fair price, which shouldn’t be surprising that we found even another way to save you more money.

Air Duct Cleaning Online Coupon

$25 off when you book online! Use promo code ’25off’.

Family & Friends (F&F) Discount

F&F group discount will save everyone $50 per home. 

(S-N) Discounts

Save $100 when neighbors book on the same day.

Family & Friends Discounts

Great way to save money! When you book your duct cleaning service with friends or family members with the same referral code you each save $50! To obtain a code, simply send us a request and within just a few hours you’ll receive your new code by email. Request an F&F code

Family & Friends Conditions

  • Valid for Preferred or Healthy Home packages only.
  • The minimum amount of (2) homes.
  • The maximum amount (10) homes.
  • Code valid for 30 days to share.

Smart-Neighbor Discounts

The biggest savings we provide here at Duct Masters is when neighbors book one of our air duct cleaning packages for the same day. If you take advantage of our Smart-Neighbor (S-N) Discount each of you will save $100! Request a S-N Code

Smart-Neighbor Conditions

  • Valid for the Healthy Home package only.
  • The minimum amount (2) homes.
  • The maximum amount (4) homes.
  • Bookings need to be placed within the same time as each other.
  • The homes need to be cleaned on the same day as each other.

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