Air Duct Cleaning

When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean a build-up of dust particles, pollen, mold, and other debris contaminates your vents and into the air.

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Blower/Motor Cleaning

The furnace blower plays an important role when it comes to clean air. The furnace blower can impact your air quality if not cleaned regularly.

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AC Coil Cleaning

Similar to furnace cleaning, AC coils can become dirty over time. The coils when blocked with dirt will force your machine to work harder because of lack of airflow.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

Don’t forget this duct! As many as 15,000 fires start in the laundry room every year when lint from clothes dryers builds up and catches fire.  Be smart, not sorry.

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Bathroom Fan Cleaning

Bathroom exhaust airflow, if blocked by debris, can significantly inhibit the removal of humid air from the bathroom. This creates a burden on the home.

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Air Exchanger Cleaning

When your air exchanger is working 24/7 to bring continuous fresh air into your home, it will also carry a lot of dust and debris from outside.

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Air Quality Testing

Little thought is given to tobacco smoke and the by-products of aerosol sprays, paints, cleaners, and pesticides used in the home today.

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