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Certified technicians make all the difference. At Duct Masters, we elevate standard Montreal duct cleaning with our IAQCert & NADCA certified team, ensuring a deeper, healthier clean that:

  • Enhances air quality, reducing respiratory irritants.
  • Our experts target hidden mold growth
  • Reduces the risk of system damage
  • Ensures your investment in clean air is fully realized.

Experience expert care with minimal disruption. Opt for certified professionals to safeguard both your air quality and your system’s integrity in Montreal.

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An Appeal for Mandatory Duct Cleaning Licensing

This initiative seeks to mandate licensing across North America for duct cleaning, enhancing public health and safety. Presently, a lack of uniform licensing standards allows for unqualified entities to operate, jeopardizing community welfare and air system integrity.

Our stance is clear: enforce licensing to ensure the industry upholds high standards of professional and ethical practice.

Join us in advocating for change that assures safety and quality in duct cleaning services. Learn More

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