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Dirt is undoubtedly the greatest enemy of a furnace that can drastically waste fuel and lower efficiency. Dirt has a negative impact on all three basic furnace components: the motor, the filter system, and the blower. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your furnace will not only improve your heating system’s efficiency, but also saves you money in return, and prevents you from having to replace your furnace earlier than necessary.

Most companies might offer the cleaning of the blower and motor with air duct cleaning but they are not cleaning it professionally. Most companies will NOT remove the blower from the furnace to clean. Here at Duct Masters every blower and motor that is available to be removed will be extracted from the system and properly cleaned. Then the technician will install it back into your furnace and run the system to make sure it’s operating normally.

To watch a video on how we clean a blower please visit here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHYYRwa59lU

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