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Professional air duct cleaning service – at an unbeatable price!

Duct Masters is the established leader in air duct cleaning in Montreal. Duct Masters specialize in residential and commercial duct cleaning services. Over the past 15 years, Duct Masters have had the privilege of working with local homeowners and businesses, gaining an understanding of their needs. We are pleased that many of our clients return to us for repeat services such as air conditioning cleaning and HVAC cleaning. Not only do our current customers keep coming back for regular duct cleaning service, but our reputation has also gained us many new customers through word-of-mouth. Once you experience Duct Masters impeccable air duct cleaning services, you will never have to worry about poor air quality in your home or workplace ever again.

Three main reasons to choose us:

  • No Contractors. We don’t rehire out to other companies, all work is completed by our technicians.
  • Truck Mount System. We have upgraded our equipment and have purchased the strongest machines available in the market today.
  • Specializing in Ducts. Here at Duct Masters we clean only ducts which results in us being a specialist in this field.

Commercial duct cleaning improves indoor air quality. It can also enhance employee efficiency by facilitating better health and reduce sick days.

Strange as it may sound, poor indoor air quality can have a major impact on employee productivity.

Dust, mold and other pollutants that are present in your HVAC system can contribute to causes of headaches, respiratory problems, allergies, poor vision and general ill-health. This affects your employees’ ability to think and make sound decisions.

Commercial duct cleaning from Duct Masters removes all contaminants and pollutants from your HVAC as well as improves air circulation and filtration. A well-ventilated workplace not only promotes employees’ good health and demonstrates your concern for their well-being but also significantly improves the standard of their work.

Deciding to clean your ventilation system is a good idea, choosing the right company is the most important decision you will have to make. There are many duct cleaning companies in the Montreal area, but not many are considered professionals in this field.

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Duct cleaning service:

One of the most overlooked household services is the cleaning of your air ducts. When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean a build-up of dust particles, pollen, mold, and other debris contaminate your vents and these are then released into the air you breathe.

That’s why having the professionals at Duct Masters come to service your air ducts is so important.

tech looking in the vent whipper in duct

Sanitization service:

Air Duct Sanitizing is often used as a preventative measure to protect against and minimize microbial growth such as mold and bacteria in your air duct cleaning system. It is also very effective in eliminating odors from within the air duct system, as well as giving your home or office a fresh smell. Air Duct Sanitizing can also be used when people suffer from allergies or they are moving from or into a previously occupied home.

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Things to think about

  1. What is the estimated area size in sq.ft.?
  2. How many furnaces/units do I have?
  3. Do I know where most of the vents are located?
  4. Do I want or need disinfection?
  5. When was the last time the ducts were cleaned?

Some quick facts:

  1. Air pollution (outdoor and indoor) will result in lost productivity cost in Ontario of $626 Million by 2015 according to the Ontario Medical Association.
  2. A study conducted by Allergy Consumer Review found that HVAC cleaning reduced airborne particles by about 75% and contributed significantly to a reduction of allergy and illness symptoms in the building.
  3. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a build-up of only 0.42” of dirt on a heating coil can decrease efficiency by 21%..
  4. About 30% of commercial buildings have significant IAQ problems.


Healthy employees:

  1. Slash sick days by reducing the likelihood of cold and flu-like symptoms
  2. Boost work quality through improved concentration and comfort
  3. Keep employees longer due to healthy, happy staff members
  4. Be known as a conscientious employer that cares and that provides a safe workplace


What can be inside:

- Mould & spores
- Bacteria & viruses
- Germs
- Dust & dust mites
- Human hair & skin
- Chemical vapors
- Cleaning products
- Carpet fibers
- Smog from outdoor air
- Dirt from warehouse
- Chronic fatigue
- Headaches
- Flu-like symptoms
- Itchy eyes
- Poor concentration
- Easily distracted
- Aches and soreness
- Depression
- Lack of motivation

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